Excel to LaTex

I hate excel, but sometimes it is very very handy for small data manipulation, statistic and so on.
The biggest problem I always have is how to convert the tables to LaTex.
Yes obviously it is possible to do it manually but it is very time consuming.

But there are alternatives:

Excel / CSV to LaTeX Table Fragments Converter
You can copy and paste an excel, csv or whatever you want separated and it will add the  "&" to make the code inside tabular or table environment.
Very handy.
 Latable (windows only)

Get it here, by Alex A. Denisov. 

Latable interface

Latable is a windows utility that automagiccaly converts your excel tables into latex code, you can chose the ambient, borders whatever and you can copy then the corresponding LaTex code.

Each time you close it an error will pop-up, just click ok and relax !

Happy LaTexing to everyone