Installing a complete, interactive scientific python environment.

A small guide to have all the interactive goodness of ipython, wrapped in a nice qt backend.
Tested on osx 10.8 and super easy to install.
The first step is to install epd free python distribution, which is a well maintained  distro with most of the basic scientific packages.
The cool thing is that once installed you will able to add even more modules with easy easy commands.

Let's start: 
  • Download EPD free
  • check your .bash_profile  

  • If it looks like that or very similar (the last 2 lines are important) go head if not, comment or delete other lines pointing to python in some way (be careful, if you need them).
  • Install pip to the epd python you will super user permission 1    
  • Check that the path where pip is installed is the right one, and check the modules version, if you want update them:
  • Also, now you can extend easily your python modules with:
  • Download Qt 4.7.4 libraries and PySide libraries
  • Install the .pkg files
  • Now you are ready to rock the qt console:
    ipython qtconsole --pylab=inline
  • Try this small program:
  • You will get this:

Ready to rock. Open a cold beer!

Now, there is no easy way to backup your installed modules. But you can sim-link  to dropbox if it is large enough. I have yet to try that approach, though.

Let me know if it works for you.

1. [Why, super user? because the default epd installation is in the library folder,good or bad it's up to you. But I like to have it installed there.]