Review: osx Pop Clip

Small  and quick review of one of my favorite utilities for os-x.

This small program will make a pop up appear every time you select some text, by default it will just give you the possibility to copy and paste or cut.
Time saving ( no more command ⌘ + c, ⌘ + V or right clicking...), but it doesn't stop here because PopClip supports extensions.
You can add a lot of them and new ones are popping every now and then on the dev website (here).

The lens will search on the highlighted text.
1-copy note to evernote
obvious send text by mail
2-google translate
3- text to speech (english only)
4 - send to osx note app
5-send to the terminal window
6-send to reminder app
7 word count
And if you select a web or email address :

Option to open the link on safari 

Option to send an email to the selected email address.

Small utility with a very small price and very very time saving in a lot of situations.

Try it for free here or purchase it here for, one beer or five well worth dollars :

Mac App Store link